Ligue de la civilisation is an elegant mood

to use the freedom of expression of the art

like a social utopia for preserve men goods and properties

into the facing attendance or the unappropriated incursion

with the same individual linked to a west mediterranean set

through registered exchanges with east by objects and artefacts

like the unachieved and progressive purpose

for the humanitarian attitude that registers the time of a continuous memory

and furthers a broadcasted universalism

both with an out of the law and with the childhood projection to a collective model

relating the renewed experience of a corporative vision

for the nature discovering

to be next to an uninterrupted repertoire of the noble savage

between communities and establishments.







Nathalie Rheims


Diane de Beauvau Craon


Jacques Djian


Georges Balkind


Yves Querol 


Sydney Picasso


Claude Picasso


Claude Griscelli


Charles Napoleon


Kazim Ali Khan


Riccardo Bofill


Ghilain Mollet-Vieville


Jean Claude Ottaviani


Philippe Pergola


Giancarlo Giammetti


Africa Mountstuart















































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