Robert Graves







the art process from the sketch to the final artwork

is the focused transfer on the same individual

for the unachievement of a greek and roman humanism

using the italian model to follow the reclaimed background

that helps the artist to forget his own person

and reach a virtual multitude

involved into the tracing of the thinking

like the slave in front of the same object

of an invisible Persian Bergerie

reflected by an ambidextrous relationship

to the created elaboration

different from the space and from the time

on the context flow

than a freedom of expression of the art and of the information

such the sequence report

to an alienation and to its equivalence equal

for a form of the thought

that could be an archetypal product

born from ancient and new decorative elements

of the dispatched and previous appearence

recalling the innovative role of the art

and its premonitory effect on the anthropological group

and on the registered landmark by the yearly rhythm of nature

for an alliance to the truth of an initial individual

as a preventive cure to a further contamination

under the body loss of the same collective wisdom

with a shared contemplation

from the light of a childhood belonging

to the darkness of the night dream.


















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